Student Registration

Student Registration

Welcome incoming Econ students and families
Please call our office to make an appointment

Here's a list of required documents you'll need to email
[email protected]

  1. For students who moved from one OCPS school zone to another OCPS school zone 
    • Download and complete the Withdrawal Checklist form and send to new zoned school - Withdrawal Checklist
    • Families are to contact the schools with updated information via the school email.
    • A list of school email addresses.
  2. For students transferring from outside of OCPS (from another state or Florida county) 
    • Registration takes place electronically via email
      • Steps to follow:
        1. Know your school. Use "Find My School" tool (click below) by entering your address to find your zoned school. "Find my School"
        2. Parent/guardian must complete the registration packet and provide the documentation listed below. This link takes you to the Registration Packets page to download and complete a registration packet...   
          • Steps to take: 
            • save blank registration packet to your computer
            • open saved document
            • fill in blanks
            • save completed registration packet to attach to email
            • families will save, scan, and/or take pictures of the required documents and attach to ONE email to send to the appropriate school.
        3. Each school has a general email.
        4. Required documentation to send to school
          • completed registration packet
          • vaccination record on FL680 form and proof of physical within last year
            • Students without the FL Form 680 (record of vaccinations) and proof of physical may be registered for Distance Education, but WILL NOT be allowed on campus (after re-opening) until Registrar has received the FL680 form and proof of physical.
          • academic history (transcript and/or last report card)
          • special education info (IEP, 504, etc.)
          • government picture ID for registering parent (Driver’s license, passport, etc)
          • birth certificate
          • verification of guardianship (if needed) (See below if needed from Student Enrollment)
          • verification of residence
            • Proof of homeownership
            • Current lease
            • OCPS Verification of Residence (See below if needed from Student Enrollment)

Please check the bold print above for steps to take in registration. Get Registration Requirements information.


If you have any further questions please contact us at
407-249-6309 and ask for registration or email our registrar at
[email protected]
Thank you