Union Park Middle School's Science Department provides inquiry based instruction filled with hands-on experiences for students to attain the content knowledge for the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Their journey begins in sixth grade learning life science, moving into seventh grade where they explore the wonders of physical and chemical science, completing their journey in the eighth grade promoting the knowledge and skills for earth and space science.

Union Park Students are enriched with outside of the classroom activities, clubs, and competitions, such as Science Fair and Science Olympiad.


Curriculum Leader: Michelle Azmat

Science Terms Word Cloud
The Science Team at Union Park Middle School is made up of:

Ms. Rodriguez- 6th Grade Science
Ms. Trapp- 6th Grade Science 
Dr. Colcort- 7th Grade Science
Mr. Williams- 7th Grade Science
Ms. Hatfield- Earth/Space Honors(HS Course), 7th Grade Science
Mr. Dudukovich 8th Grade Science
Ms. Azmat- Physical Science Honors (HS course) and 8th Grade Science
Ms. Hammond- 8th Grade Science