Athletic Coaches
Position  Name Contact Extension  Email Address
Athletic Director Ms. Hopkins 5262271
Christina Hopkins
Boys Soccer Coach Mr. Bernstein 526 Kenneth Bernstein
Girls Soccer Coach Ms. Blackman 526 Yasmin Blackman
Boys Volleyball Coach Mr. Whitney 5264 NA
Girls Volleyball Coach  NA
5264 NA
Boys Basketball Coach NA 5264 NA
Girls Basketball Coach  NA
5264 NA
Boys Track Coach NA
5264 NA
Girls Track Coach NA
5264 NA
Assistant Track Coach NA
5264 NA
Assistant Track Coach Mr. Wofford 5264  David Wofford

General Information

Students interested in participating in athletics must have a completed physical, Notification of Risk and Emergency Treatment Authorization Card on file, prior to trying out for any team. Students must also have a 2.0 grade point average. Coaches will choose students for teams based upon their skill, sportsmanship, character, attitude, commitment, and academic achievement. Questions about athletics should be directed to Christina Hopkins at (407) 249-6309 ext. 526-2271 or email at [email protected]

Our school strives to offer as many sports as possible to both male and female students. All Athletic programs will stress academic success, physical fitness, character development, discipline, and good sportsmanship. Our athletes represent our school and community and are expected to be student leaders with positive behavior.

Four sports (Soccer / Basketball / Volleyball / Track) are offered during the school year for both boys and girls. Students participating in interscholastic sports compete against other middle schools in our learning community. Dates for try-outs begin on or about the second day of each nine-week. Participating in interscholastic sports at Union Park Middle School is considered a privilege, subject to the approval of the Head Coach, Administration and the Athletic Coordinator. All students shall abide by the Orange County Public School Code of Student Conduct, Union Park Middle rules and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations set up by the coach.

A student may be eligible to participate only after all the following forms and sections are completed and turned in to his/her coach by the first day of try-outs. All forms must be completed each year and must be done only on the forms provided. The forms may be downloaded from our Forms and Documents page or are available at our front office.

Boys and Girls Soccer
Informational meeting after school on Tuesday, August 10th. 

Boys and Girls Volleyball

Boys and Girls Basketball

Boys and Girls Track